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The Green Police

Audi’s Super Bowl ad featuring Cheap Trick’s “The Green Police” reimagining was definitey the standout commercial from the Super Bowl.

First of all, i liked this commercial because it made me laugh. It also demonstrates two core sustainability challenges: Finding the language to communicate about sustainability, and fighting the “Green Police” sustainable snobbery mentality of some of the deeper green folks. Others have mentioned the concerns about comparing the ecowarrior to fascists – I just didn’t really have that response.

To me, anything that puts some good suggestions about what we can do to limit our impact on the environment, no matter how small the changes are is a good thing. A great thing even. I put it up against the ‘mom’ test – did my mom know that plastic water bottles were environmentally unfriendly before? Maybe not. She checked out Food, Inc, and had a bit of a revelation regarding the food that we eat, but that’s been about the extent of her green education.

Hopefully this commercial reached some people that had no idea that plastic disposable bags, incandescent lightbulbs, and plastic lightbulbs may not be the best choices for the environment.

The sustainability movement has suffered setback after setback because of this weird deep-seeded urge to be combatant about environmental issues. The narrative has to change, and we need to focus on the positive things that we can do if we work together.

Humor can bring us together and help us find some common ground. The thing that I really love about this is that it ticked everyone off. Environmentalists are mad because they feel that they were portrayed unfairly, and that perhaps buying an Audi is not the solution to the world’s problems. It really did start a dialogue though, which is all you can ask for.

Let me know what you thought of the commercial!

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