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How to: Pack for a Bike Camping Trip

I am fulfilling the year-long dream of riding my bike to school this weekend.

On the surface, that sounds pretty boring. School is in Keene, NH, and I am in Burlington, VT. So that’s a bit of a trip. I have wanted to do this since I started at Antioch, and I am so glad that it’s finally going to happen. I am hoping to do some updates from the road, so be on the lookout for some more info. This will be a test run, so I am not sure how the technology is going to work out, but I am bringing the camera and the ipad, so, hopefully, I can get some good stuff posted.

Here are some tips on packing for bike camping:

  1. Pack light!
  2. Get all of your stuff together.
  3. Lay it out on a table.
  4. Ask yourself “Do I really need this?” and edit the items down until you have a more manageable list.
  5. Make sure you always bring a pump, a spare tube, and tire levers.  (Also, learn how to fix a rear tire on the roadside before you do any long rides).
  6. I always allow for a few luxuries – the things that will really make a difference in my experience (for this ride, it’s going to be some Stumptown Kenyan Gachimi).

Remember, it’s all about having fun.

Now I must sleep, so I am at least passably well-rested tomorrow.

Have you done any bike camping? Any tips? Let me know!

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