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As you can probably tell, I have really made an effort to make this site as link-friendly as possible. What does that mean exactly? Well, you’ll notice that there are a lot of icons after each of my posts, and along my sidebar. These are all ways that you can share what I have to say with other people. It’s basically a vote for me. You are saying “Hey, I really like what Zack has to say here, I think other people should read this!”

I was thinking a lot this summer about websites and how they no longer really are useful in the same way that they used to be. A business used to throw up a site, put some meta tags in the code, buy some adwords, and be done with it. Hours, contact info, directions, and products. If you had all of those things up on your site ten years ago you were cutting edge.

That model is clearly falling by the wayside as the online world develops and grows up. I am sure in ten years someone would look at this site and think “how quaint.” Kind of like people will talk about Avatar as being “retro” compared to other movies that are being produced in 2020.

So I have tried to make this site as linkable as possible. You can tweet my posts by clicking the “Tweet This” button, or you can share them on google buzz with the “Buzz This” button, or you can share the post on linkedin, you can Digg it, you can submit it to stumbleupon, you can submit it to technorati (which is a ranking system for technology blogs, similar to digg except just focusing on blogs) or you can share it on facebook. All with the click of a button.

So if you come to the site, and you like what you see, please click on those links! By doing so you are letting me know that you like what you see.

I never really paid much attention to any of those options on other sites until I started sharing stuff here. Now, when I go to a site, and I like what I see, I digg it, or i submit it to stumble upon, or I tweet it, or I do ALL of those things. I know the person that posted the content worked hard on it, and it’s providing value for me, and I want others to share in that value. I think that there may be a correlation between using that functionality and voting with a click, and actually writing/blogging/sharing yourself.

Do you share things using these features on this website or others? What motivates you to do it? Do you write your own blog?

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