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AWOL – All Walks of Life

Every once in a while, I come across something extraordinary. Today, I had that experience. Murray Wilson left a comment on my E-Waste competition post and left a link for his TED talk on YouTube:

Take 17 minutes and check it out.

I find solutions like Murray’s to be inspiring, motivating, and galvanizing. He has come up with a scalable, creative, interesting solution to e-waste management (which is a complex global earth systems challenge if ever there was one). The solution? He diverts PC’s from the landfill. He trains local youth that are part of the AWOL (All Walks of Life) program to clean and repair the PC’s. The cleaned-up and repaired PC’s have ubuntu installed, and then are donated to local families that would not have access to a computer otherwise. Win. Win. Win.

This is awesome. It gives me hope that we can make a difference in people’s lives, and that we can find solutions that work for our biggest challenges. After watching Murray’s TED talk, I knew I had to post and share what he was up to. I also knew that I have to continue striving to find ways I can give back to my community. Inspiring stuff.

What is inspiring you today?

Check out AWOL and The Creative Coast Initiative for more on what these guys are up to.

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