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10 things I learned about biking in Vermont

10 things I learned about biking in Vermont today:

1. It is both a bit funny, and a bit not, when you are climbing a hill and you see a sign that says “Reduce Speed Ahead.”
2. It is totally funny when you see a sign that says “Slower Traffic Keep Left.”
3. Side roads in Vermont can be lovely and picturesque. They can also be never-ending hellish hill monsters.
4. After a day of riding there is no better way to spend one dollar than on a ten minute hot shower at a state park.
5. On a related note, if you walk in to someones campsite (after announcing yourself so you don’t get shot, of course) to ask for mercy and some quarters in trade for dollar bills, a guy may be a jerk, but a woman may be a lifesaver.
6. The Bike Center in Montpelier is an awesome bike shop. They helped us fix a rear wheel problem that could have ended our trip.
7. The Ferrisburgh Bake Shop and Deli on Rt. 7 in ferrisburgh is awesome.
8. If you are riding all day, there is no better lunch than a pulled pork sandwich and chocolate shake from The Farmers Diner.
9. It is most definitely not 3 miles to the top of killington pass from Noel’s restaurant, nor is it incredibly steep, but I am really, really glad the person who told us that was wrong.
10. Biking in Vermont is fun, but man is it hilly.

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  1. My favorite Vermont bike ride is the one that is downhill, both ways. Let me know where it is, when you find it. Thanks-
    Mary (Ally’s Mom)

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